OIST Graduation Ceremony 2018

The Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University (OIST) will hold its second graduation ceremony on 25 May 2019.

The University

The University

OIST is international, with over 50 nationalities working onsite. Over 60% of faculty come from outside Japan, and the working language is English. OIST produces highly trained young scientists who are completely at ease in the global environment of science and industry.

OIST is committed to interdisciplinary research. The university encourages faculty, researchers, and students from diverse fields to share ideas, methods, and experience in collaborative initiatives that break through the restrictive barriers of traditional scientific disciplines.

To ensure that new research progress is readily applied in industry and high technology entrepreneurship, OIST works closely with the Okinawa Prefectural Government and industry to develop a self-sustaining, high technology economy on the island. Due to OIST, Okinawa is becoming recognized as a center for excellence in Science and Technology.

Close-up of the weaver's hands as she makes the red and white obi sash.

Academic Dress

Academic dress is part of a tradition spanning a thousand years of history, connecting us to the first universities in Europe. Originally the daily dress worn by students and professors alike, their use more recently has been restricted to formal occasions of the university.

The OIST academic dress was designed entirely by the students, and follows the red, white and black of the OIST colors. The hood, worn only by OIST PhD graduates, features a local textile, called Yuntanza Minsa using "Guushi-Bana" method, again in red, white and black. The design of the hood combines local auspicious patterns for luck in money and life, and stylized sine waves representing the sciences.

The hoods were generously hand-woven from locally hand-dyed cotton by Ms. Misae Gakiya from Yuntanza Hanaui, a craft weavers guild from Yomitan, and we thank them for their wonderful contribution.


Saturday, 25th May 2019
OIST Graduate University Auditorium

2:00 pm

  • Musical Introduction and Academic Procession

2:10 pm

  • Opening Remarks by Dr. Cherry Murray, Chair of the OIST Board of Governors
  • Welcome by Dr. Peter Gruss, President of OIST Graduate University
  • Address by Special Guests
  • Commencement Address by Sir Paul Nurse

2:45 pm

  • Presentation of Honorary Degree

3:00 pm

  • Musical Interlude

3:10 pm

  • Interval Break

3:25 pm

  • Musical Interlude

3:30 pm

  • Conferment of Ph.D. Degrees, Introduced by Prof. Ulf Skoglund, Dean of the Graduate School

4:10 pm

  • Speech by Dr. Jessica Verena Schulze, Graduating Student

4:15 pm

  • Closing Remarks by Dr. Cherry Murray, Chair of the OIST Board of Governors

4:30 pm

  • Musical Finale

4:35 pm

  • Academic Procession and Close

Commencement Speaker

Paul Nurse, gray-haired caucasian male, smiling with a facility in the background

Sir Paul Nurse

Sir Paul Nurse, 2001 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine
Director of the Francis Crick Institute, London

Paul Nurse is a geneticist and cell biologist who has worked on how the eukaryotic cell cycle is controlled. His major work has been on the cyclin dependent protein kinases and how they regulate cell reproduction. He is Director of the Francis Crick Institute in London, and has served as President of the Royal Society, Chief Executive of Cancer Research UK and President of Rockefeller University. He shared the 2001 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine with Leland Hartwell and Tim Hunt, and has received the Albert Lasker Award, the Gairdner Award, the Louis Jeantet Prize and the Royal Society's Royal and Copley Medals. He was knighted by The Queen in 1999, received the Legion d'Honneur in 2003 from France, and the Order of the Rising Sun in 2018 from Japan. He served for 15 years on the Council of Science and Technology, advising the Prime Minister and Cabinet, and is presently a Chief Scientific Advisor for the European Union and a trustee of the British Museum. Paul flies gliders and vintage aeroplanes and has been a qualified bush pilot. He also likes the theatre, hill-walking, going to museums and art galleries, and running very slowly.

Sir Paul Nurse will be introduced by Sir Tim Hunt.